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Anti-wrinkle injections help us to look younger and wrinkle free. A chemical called botulinum toxin, otherwise known as Botox® is injected into the muscle to weaken or inactivate it. At Radiance Aesthetics and Beauty in Liverpool, we use Azzalure® and Botox® which are both brands of the protein derivative of the toxin. Anti-Wrinkle Injections were designed as muscle relaxants. They can also be used to prevent excessive sweating.

Here at Radiance Aesthetics we want you to understand the nature of the treatment you are considering, therefore we have answered some frequently asked questions.

How Does Botox® Work?

The ageing process causes the production of elastin and collagen to slow down, so with normal repetitive facial movement such as frowning, skin can become creased and static lines become visible and often permanent, even when the face is at rest. Reducing the activity of the muscles allows the face to stop the subconscious habit of overusing these muscles and give the skin time to recover. Helping restore a refreshed appearance and younger looking skin.

Common places Botox® is used?

To soften frown lines, improve crows feet. In the glabellar (frown) and in the jaw line for contouring.

How long does Botox® last?

Treatments can last 3-6 months depending upon the area treated. Repeat treatments are required to re-educate the muscles. After this treatment are often less frequent but maintenance treatment is required. Results vary depending on the area and dose injected and per individual. Only the muscles injected are effected so normal expressions can be maintained but enhanced. Muscles will recover naturally as the toxin wears off.

The Procedure

The Procedure involves a full consultation, medical history will be taken and the clients desired look will be discussed. The actual treatment takes 10-15 minutes. You will be asked to pull certain expressions to observe how your muscles work. The appropriate areas will be injected with Botox® with a very small needle. It takes effect over the next 3-14 days, this varies with each individual. You will be seen again 2 weeks later to ensure we have fulfilled your expectations.

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