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Lip enhancement in Liverpool is a popular and ever-growing treatment.
Thin lips can be a sign of ageing and replacing their fulness can enhance your appearance and give a more youthful look and new-found confidence. Lips overtime lose their fullness and volume. As we move our mouths daily chatting, laughing, smiling and pouting our lips are a focal feature.

Unfortunately, as we age they become more wrinkled, thinner and what is known as smoker’s lines can appear. Thin lips can cause you to look sad as the corners of your mouth turn down. Lip fillers such as Restylane Kysse and Juvederm Smile can combat the signs of ageing by giving you a more defined and fuller lip shape, which can also help to prevent lipstick bleeds.

How long before I see the finished look?

The results are instant from lip enhancement but the final look can take 7-10 days to develop. Creating a lip that you will love couldn’t be easier. Treatment takes around 20 minutes and the results can be seen for 6-12 months depending upon the product used.

Do Lip Fillers Hurt?

There may be mild discomfort as you would expect from any injection.
However, discomfort is minimised by applying a topical anaesthetic to the lips prior to treatment. The needles used are very fine and the products in the fillers also contain a local anaesthetic such as lidocaine, making the treatment as painless as possible. That with our extremely experienced Nurse practitioner puts you in safe hands. So if your requirement is a happier mouth, wrinkle free lips, a more defined fuller lip or just a smile that is slightly plumper, lip fillers and Radiance Aesthetics can make that difference!



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